Sound Elevator is the Swedish studio of Daniel Fossum – formerly a studio manager and intellectual property rights consultant at Digitalfabriken, DCM Media and Dicentia.


In music – Daniel´s goal has always been the very heart and soul of the song. A vibe thing; spirit. It´s all about honesty and the ability to communicate the lyrics and the sounds. Without this, an artist will never reach the the major audience – nor the stars.

The idea of the songwriter is always the main focus.


Recording (optimal vocal sound´s a favorite) mixing, mastering, full production and also jobs for lawyer firms; restoring badly done (or with too much background noise) recordings used as proof in justice courts – straight up to the highest court of appeal.


Freelancing in other studios, sometimes producing, mixing or mastering without even having his name on the albums equals better money. And it looks better for the original producer or engineer that wasn´t able to finish the album with sucess or on time. Not so uncommon these days of rather high demands and ungodly deadlines.


Apart from making about 1000? (the counting clock has been halted) albums, Daniel also has lectured music production at the University of Växjö plus various studios over in Sweden.


He has performed many showcases and has several sponsorships from developers of high end studio gear. Daniel works with the following DAW´s: Pro Tools, Pyramix, Logic Pro & Cubase Pro. Fossum is certified by Microsoft with a MCP degree in computer technology and network engineering.



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